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The best hair care you can be met only through LeeChulHairKerKer and Maquillee

Origin Root Repair

The energy holding system of bulb which contains not dry moisture and enriched natural nutrients


The strong natural energy of a peony, lily, hyacinth and saffron, which are flowers of beautiful and luxurious bulb plants that span all four seasons, balances moisture with dry and damaged hair as the environment changes, giving the hair repairing effect to fill your hair with nutrition.

Only Salon Professional

Luit’s unique differentiated first-treatment solution


A three-step, which consists of moisture care (collagen booster), protein care (keratin effector), and protective film care (cell repair) created by hair experts through research, proposes a systematic management solution from moisture supply that raises the condition of hair to the top level to epidermis management.

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by Leechulhairkerker

After Home Care Program

Personal Hair Therapy filled with essential nutrients, filling for 30 days


A 30-day hair mask, used three times a week for four weeks, keeps the clinic effect and protects your hair from damage from daily life such as ultraviolet rays and fine dust, and hair cleanser of 10Free prescription, vitamin-rich hair nourishing oil and other products are available for home care.

Only Leechulhairkerker & Maquillee

As a brand directly designed by the LeeChulHairKerKer head office with 30 years of history by utilizing the know-how of experts, Luit Professional products can only be provided by LeeChulHairKerKer and Premium Salon Maquillee.

Luit Professional By Salon

At Lee Chul Hair KerKer and Maquillee stores, there is a reasonably priced keeping system using the Luit Professional Clinic. If you want to experience the salon’s Luit clinic service, please visit the Lee Chul Hair KerKer and Maquillee store.